Just a few projects made by me

My personal projects

Underworld: Defense

Tower defense like game. Drive your boat, build guns, mining plants, power plants and repair stations. First attempt in gamedev. Total fail, tbh.

Returning of quantum cat

Flash port of text quests engine INSTEAD originally written in C + lua. Used Alchemy project.

Escape The Toilet

Evolution of flash port of text quests engine INSTEAD originally written in C + lua. Graphics support improved.


Just another port of INSTEAD game.


Port of old ZX spectrum game with new levels.


Port of INSTEAD text quests engine to haxe. Used emscripten to compile lua interpreter to js from c. Cleaner code than in AS3 version. HTML5 target only.


Stealth puzzle game.

Station Escape

Arcade puzzle game. Some sort of experiment.


Just a fun android application. Smoking simulator.

Strength meter

Just a fun android application. Strength meter simulator.


Multiplayer web-based survival game. Crafting, social interaction. Written in Ruby (RoR framework). Some client parts written in haxe. Project still in active development.

Math clouds

Simple math game for kids based on my own mvcs framework. Written using haxe and openfl.

Twisted Forest

Game about forest dweller adventures. Has craft mechanics, minigames and some fun.

Projects in which I participated

Go Mad Kids: Turmali

MMO Adventure game for kids. Two arcade minigames mechanics, quests, large world. Based on book universe. Web abd mobile versions.

PBS Kids: Kart Kingdom

MMO game for kids. Arcade game mechanics, crafting, social interaction and many of in-game events (Halloween, World cat day, etc).

Puffin Rock Music!

Music game gor kids. Native android and ios game. Was written using openfl (haxe) and native extensions (c++, objectiveC, java). Used math to perfectly sync up to 19 tracks in realtime. Result was exported to mp4.